Using AuBit Crypto for Passive Income (US Residents)

With access for everyone, AuBit Freeway is one crypto project Passive Income’d is excited to see come to USA residents. It is a brand new social asset management platform.

The platform networks some of the world’s top investment products for greater returns with no additional risk.

When you hold one of the products from AuBit, every time anyone in the world buys, sells or trades that product. Your holdings also grow through the network effect.

What are the AuBit Network Finance Effects?

AuBit for US residents is built to leverage the way network effects work in finance by sharing revenue with users as rewards.

This includes the automatic redistribution of 80% of all transaction fees due to the decentralized manner in the way crypto generally works.

One example of this in action comes if you were to hold an AuBit gold bullion product. Every time someone trades that AuBit gold bullion product, then you earn more in your account.

You see, there is a $89 trillion dollar asset management industry. That industry continues to grow each year but the technology powering it has not changed in nearly 30 years.

That asset management industry is generally inaccessible for many investors across the world. Fees from asset management is deducted regularly from investor accounts.

But with AuBit’s decentralized platform, fees are saved and more easily accessed investments are available to more people.

Network effects are an important part of the AuBit design.

According to a study by NFX, nearly every single major tech company over the last 20 years can contribute 70% of their growth to network effects.

Companies such as Apple, Google, Spotify, Uber, AirBnB and Dropbox.

FWT Tokenization and Availability for US Residents

The AuBit USA launch is imminent, and the platform’s advanced regulatory structures allow for global user access. Access will be to the the social networked products in over 180 countries already.

AuBit also has a native token to the platform that is instrumental to use. Freeway Token (Symbol $FWT) tokenizes your use and the products on AuBit.

Considering that tokenization is the future of finance, this helps transactions move fast and instant.

Tokenization of assets is so important, that even according to the World Economic Forum, 10% of global GDP will be stored and transacted via distributed ledger technology by the year 2027.

US residents can per-register and pass KYC on the following link.

How to Earn Passive Income With AuBit

Currently, AuBit users can earn a 20% fixed APY with the Cardano, Polkadot, Gold, and Ethereum Superchargers. 33% fixed APY with the Bitcoin Supercharger. And 43% fixed APY with the USD & Euro Superchargers. Rates can change over time.

This new platform for US citizens is one of the first crypto projects to have found a path to allow residents of the USA to onboard to a special US-dedicated Freeway Lite interface.

Freeway Lite, FWT Token Staking, and AuBitised Supercharger products will all be available to those in the United States. Similar to other passive income crypto lending products and staking crypto of your favorite projects, but combined.

Aspects of development require legal applications that are outside of the control from AuBit, so they can not as of yet give a fixed date for launch. However we will update this article when US access is live.

You can still sign up to be one of the first US citizens ever to access AuBit Freeway though while you wait on launch.

Add your email to the wait list and go ahead and pass KYC (Know Your Customer) so that all that’s left to do on US access launch day is log in and setup your passive income investments.

AuBit Crypto Freeway US

Using AuBit Crypto for Passive Income (US Residents)
AuBit Crypto Freeway US
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