Axie Infinity – How Kids Are Earning $20,000 a Year Playing for NFTs

Gamers around the world are playing Axie Infinity and earning around $60 a day in some cases. That’s over $20,000 a year. $21,600 in fact.

Crypto is starting to move from speculation phase to real-world use cases with Ethereum based gaming like Axie Infinity. So how are game players earning $60 (or more!) a day in the NFT world of blockchain? Let’s take a look.

First things first, kids, teens, and hey – everybody – are going to play video games. That is a fact. The video game industry is forecast to grow at a rate of 2.29% annually from 2020 to 2024. The result could be an expected volume of $100.56 billion by 2024.

So why not earn passive income from playing online games?

What exactly is Axie Infinity?

Axie Infinity is a NFT-based online video game developed by Vietnamese studio by Sky Mavis, which uses Ethereum-based cryptocurrency AXS and SLP. Currently it’s most expensive NFTs collection with more $42 million in sales in June 2021. – Wikipedia

The game centers around a Pokémon-inspired universe where anyone can earn tokens through skilled gameplay and contributions to the ecosystem. Gamers can battle, collect, raise, and build a kingdom for their pets, called Axies.

And How Does One Get Started Earning $60+ a Day Playing?

There are a few steps to get started playing Axie Infinity and earning crypto, but here is a quick summary for the crypto literate. All others will want to dive into Axie’s setup guide here.

A 7 Step Setup

1. Download a digital wallet like MetaMask and load it with some Ethereum. You can acquire Ethereum from Coinbase, Gemini, Kraken, or other exchanges depending on your country.

2. Download a Ronin wallet.

3. Deposit ETH to Ronin using the Ronin bridge.

4. Acquire at least 3 Axies from the Axie market.

5. Login with MetaMask and setup an email/password.

6. Download the application. Click “Play Now” in the top right.

7. Join fan sites like Axieworld to connect with other players.

Now, one thing we have not seen clearly mentioned yet is that you will need at least 3 Axies to start. A few weeks ago, that cost was pretty low.

But with the popularity of this NFT game climbing, so are the prices of Axies. When we scanned the marketplace the cheapest Axie was running about $200 USD. $600 in Axies just to begin playing.

While that might put the game out of reach for some already, innovation is quick to step in to help continue on-boarding new game players.

How to Play Axie Infinity if You Need Help

One such innovation is Axie Scholarships. If you are looking to get started with Axie Infinity and the price of an Axie is beyond your reach, a scholarship might be what you are looking for.

Axie Scholarships, or “Axie Lending programs” have begun to fill the demand of assisting new players. These programs are often started by trusted community members.

The scholarship program allows new players to use spare Axie’s to get started because it helps new players to try out the game without spending money.

It also allows people without a lot of money to spare to begin earning in the game which can be traded for real money. If you are interested in an Axie Scholarship, this page will explain it further.

Once you are setup and have the game downloaded, it is off to the races for earning your $20,000 a year (or at least at the time of this article!).

How is Passive Income Earned in the Game?

In summary, there are several ways to earn passive income in Axie Infinity. Players can earn money by playing nurturing their virtual pet called Axies.

From there, Axies can be sold or exchanged via the in-game marketplace with the AXS token. AXS tokens can then be swapped for cash in exchange marketplaces.

Word is getting out and even kids are jumping in with the pay to play model, which blockchain is helping make happen. The project is looking to be sustainably funded through advertisers, sponsors, and other revenue sources to keep the fun going.

If gaming is not for you, but you have an interest in crypto, take a look at earning passive crypto income instead. Have fun!

Axie Infinity Getting Started Passive Earning

Axie Infinity – How Kids Are Earning $20,000 a Year Playing for NFTs
Axie Infinity Getting Started Passive Earning
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