Bumper Finance – Crypto’s Most Anticipated Project

Bumper Finance is coming and things are going to change forever in the digital asset space.

Bumper addresses once of crypto’s most concerning topics – the sudden volatility resulting in investment loss.

Investing in DeFi and crypto projects can be a bit nerve-racking to many investors.

This is mostly due to the wild volatility that many cryptocurrencies see during both bull and bear market cycles.

The Bumper Finance Use Case in 10 Seconds.

Consider Bumper like a “cheat code” for your assets with their platform. Login and protect your crypto so that the price won’t drop below the price you set. Simple right?

Yes, you read right, even if the market crashes overnight you are safe.

If you awake to blood in the streets, Bumper will take care to protect your coins from loss.

And just as important, if the market goes up, your assets rises too. The concept is straight-forward and practical.

Another feature of Bumper Finance includes the clever “Crypto Power-up” which gets your assets exposed to the massive earning potential of being a Liquidity Provider (LP).

$BUMP Token Purpose

Bumper LPs earn yield from the platform also.

You’ll be making money from the premiums paid by users taking out protection. Both earning and protecting rewards you with the $BUMP token.

All in all, it is a pretty impressive and highly anticipated service coming to the Cryptosphere.

Imagine eliminating your risk of loss in crypto investing while only catching the upside spikes when they happen.

History and Backing

Bumper Finance is so popular, that after opening a private sale round in March 2021 the projects was heavily oversubscribed from investors.

It went from closing $10,000,000 from Alphabit, Autonomy, Beachhead, Chainlayer and others.

The project even turned down $32,000,000 in additional investment requests.

The project is a DeFi price protection protocol built on Ethereum, created by INDX and Block8, who previously designed Havven.

An incredible team with a breadth of experience includes Jonathan DeCarteret, Gareth Ward, Samuel Brooks, and Jason Suttie.

Key partners as mentioned before is Block8, Australia’s leading blockchain product development studio.

That is unheard of and a clear reason why so many want to participate in Bumper Finance’s use case.

Summarizing this excitement in DeFi

This project has a clear use case, solid fundamentals, and is set to be one of the biggest launches of 2021 through 2022.

Bumper Finance crypto services will likely see an untold amount of participants, both retail and large investment firms.

It protects the price of your crypto assets by providing a decentralized software facility for ‘Takers’ of protection to operate diametrically to ‘Makers’ of liquidity.

You’ll have an opportunity to get your hands on the BUMP token if you become a Liquidity Provider.

This will earn you the highly sought after $BUMP token and give you the opportunity to purchase additional BUMP that was reserved.

Crypto assets available at launch.

Ethereum only will be available at launch, from the sounds of it. However all tokens are likely fair game for being included as the project grows along with DeFi. Bumper’s website will keep you in the loop on the latest.

Early supporters can earn over 300% APY. To fully understand what is coming in the simplest of terms, read the Bumper Finance flashpaper here.

Bumper Finance Crypto

Bumper Finance – Crypto’s Most Anticipated Project
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