Fundrise Investment Review and Reality of Returns

Internet blogs and the Twittersphere are plagued with generic Fundrise investment reviews that tell you nothing really helpful. We thought you needed a breath of fresh air and common data to make a decision with this article.

When it comes to passive income, the old school king has always been real estate ownership. However in the past that ownership did not come with a completely “hand-off” approach for the owner/investor.

But welcome to modern times where technology is leading the new industrial revolution. It’s the mix of tech and real estate investing as hit with mainstream ease in the form of a company called Fundrise.

A Fundrise investment is easily part of a passive income strategy that can have you owning real estate. Yes, really owning real estate, yet you are doing so without the day-to-day involvement of direct ownership.

How so? Instead of finding tenants or maintenance staff for example – a Fundrise investment gives you time back for a trade-off in maximum return rates.

If you really want more of that passive investing and easier returns, then Fundrise is that key real estate investing partner that you have been looking for.

Here is a bit more in a quick Fundrise review itself before we dive in to the rate of returns potential.

A Short Fundrise Investment Review

Fundrise’s statement is “Built to help smart investors invest smarter”. What you can do on the platform is invest in a low-cost, diversified portfolios of institutional-quality real estate tiers.

Fundrise combines state-of-the-art technology with in-house expertise to reduce fees and maximize your long-term return potential in a passive income sort of way.

Basically, look at it like this: Real estate has traditionally been one of the most sought-after asset classes for professional investors and now it is available to you in an easy to use service. Simple really.

Real estate investing through this passive ownership model gives you a way you can diversify outside of the REITS public markets with private real estate.

This results in reduced risk and improve stability because REITS can fluctuate with the stock market.

As we mentioned further above, technology innovation is making Fundrise investments a reality for many.

The company’s proprietary software help reduce costs through crowdfunding, which means they can charge lower fees and you can maximize your returns.

What Returns Could Look Like For You With Fundrise

Now that you have the background on the Fundrise investment platform, let’s look at what real returns could look like for you based on your total investment amount.

Remember, and this is important, you will have better returns on average when you own and manage real estate yourself.

No doubt about it. But if the goal if passive income and doing as minimal as possible for the daily management of your investment, then Fundrise is your go to.

You will have lower returns. However you will have passive returns in comparison. Let’s take a look below.

General Returns Based on the Reality of Your Investment

These numbers are due to slightly fluctuate over time. The examples below will give you a good idea though of how much you need to invest to see an X amount of return.

To earn roughly $1,000 per month in passive income on Fundrise, you will need to have about $199,400 invested.

Want to scale this amount down or up? Simply adjust your numbers!

Only aiming for $500 per month? Adjust your total investment down to about $99,700.

Want to go big? Raise your total investment $398,800 and you will see about $2,000 per month in passive income through your Fundrise investment. Again, these returns will fluctuate a bit over time and this is to give you an idea.

The chart below shows your growth from now through the next 5 years and what amounts you should be at.

Investment Goal on Return Rates Chart at Fundrise

Type of Fundrise Investment Tiers

Currently there are four Fundrise investment tiers. Basic with a $1,000 minimum, Core with a $5,000 minimum, Advanced with a $10,000 minimum, and Premium with a $100,000 minimum.


The “Getting Started” tier which begins your real estate investing with a basic portfolio of private real estate assets.


A tier for building your foundation of passive real estate ownership while generating income, maximizing long-term growth, or achieving a balance of both.


This one allocates a portion of your portfolio to more sophisticated real estate strategies and is for those who are really focused on taking their Fundrise participation seriously.


For the bigger passive income generation goal, this tier of offerings are usually specialized private equity funds with longer time horizons and outsized performance.

In Summary, It’s About Your Risk, Returns, and Investment Amounts.

Where will you fit in? Always know that everyone started somewhere and even starting at the Basic tier gets you in the game if you are truly looking for passive income in real estate. It can be achieved and you can get started by signing up for a Fundrise investment account.

Looking for diversity or quicker returns with slightly more risk? Consider earning passive crypto income. But don’t forget, real estate rocks and should be part of every investing strategy.

Fundrise Investment Review on Returns and Rates

Fundrise Investment Review and Reality of Returns
Fundrise Investment Review on Returns and Rates
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