Great Lakes Student Loans Login & Payment contains your Great Lakes Student Loans Login and Payment information without the need of a phone number. We’re also covering how they make passive income issuing loans.

You are in search of the number one feature on the Great Lakes Student Loans page – the login! Other popular pages include getting answers, contact numbers, and managing your loans.

Great Lakes Educational Loan Services, Inc. is an affiliate of Nelnet Diversified Solutions, LLC. Partners, like schools and businesses, can access tools and services in the Financial Aid Professionals and Business Partners portals.

The Great Lakes Student Loans login is now servicing over 6,000 schools and 1,000 lenders to help navigate the financial aid process. The process can be complex one for students, families, and the organizations that work directly with students to help them succeed.

Take Your Great Lakes Student Loans Login 3 Ways

Student loans are a single part of the financial aid process experience. Great Lakes does more than just provide student borrowers with servicing, they also apply around fifty years of experience to offering solutions.

This allows Financial Aid reps and Business Partners to be able to spend more time helping students with their login for payment.

Sign in for Students:

As a federal student loan service provider, the providers give customer service direct. Student loan customers receive help so that they understand loans and plan wisely while in school. By supporting them as they pay back their student loans after they leave school, payments are issued.

Sign in for Financial Aid Reps:

A suite of robust tools and resources and dedicated Great Lakes representatives can help financial aid professionals at schools make the most of their time.

Sign in for Businesses and Other Partners:

As one of the largest providers of customer service for federal student loans, The U.S. Department of Education, provides many loans through Great Lakes. Other lenders are working with college funding partners for efficient, effective, and secure loan management products and services.

Trouble With Your Great Lakes Student Loans Login Again?

Important! Sign up for account access and start managing your Great Lakes Student Loans online at, which is the official website of the company that hosts your loan. You have to be a client first.

Clients must use the right login information. If you know you are, but still can’t log in, Great Lakes may no longer be servicing your student loan. Use the following to confirm before trying to sign in:

View your newest student loans for lender contact information that came to your email address in case your loans were recently transferred.

Visit to confirm if should use the Great Lakes Student Loans login page or another servicing account to make your loan payment.

You can also contact your school or lender by phone number to confirm where your loan login should be.

If you can’t login to the Great Lakes mobile app, make sure you’re using the latest version of the app from Google Play or the Apple App Store.

Great Lakes earns passive income from a portion of the interest paid back on loans.

Did You Know This About Great Lakes Student Loans?

Your Great Lakes Student Loans login is an official observer of Federal StudentAid? Explore more about it on our dedicated FedLoan login page. It covers all your questions about loan servicing there or call by phone.

Great Lakes Student Loans Login Page

Great Lakes Student Loans Login & Payment
Great Lakes Student Loans Login Page
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